Accreditation have been applied for at the Swiss Society of Cardiology as follows:

Swiss Society of Cardiology
Recommended by the Swiss Society of Cardiology

CME Refresher Course, Wednesday, 28 November 2018
6.25 hours of category IA

SwissRhythm, Thursday, 29 November – Friday, 30 December 2018
11.25 hours of category IA (full conference)
6.00 hours (Thursday)
5.25 hours (Friday)

How to obtain your certificate
Participants of the CME Refresher Course are asked to fill in a one-page questionnaire and hand it in to the secretariat where you will receive your certificate.
Participants of SwissRhythm are asked to fill in an online questionnaire.
The link will be sent by e-mail and will be available online here.
The online survey must be filled in until Monday, 16 December 2018 12.00 (noon) CET.
After having answered all questions, which takes you approximately 10 minutes, you will have to provide your postal address.
Certificates will be sent by post in December.